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Thursday, 5th.jan. 2006

The Monsoon
At last rain, wind, and more rain. the monsoon has moved down from Indonesia and the wet is here.moving tractors etc. becomes a problem for a few days until the sun comes out.the backhoe did a main pump 'o' ring so more repairs.i had just finished knocking down a big black wattle near the shop which was about to fall over. river is up over the crossing so its the boat for a while to go shoping etc.

Dick Perry posted at 11:15 AM
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24 hr. Power
Yes, at last the rest of the daly is now on 24 hr. mains power.boy it's quiet without the district generators thumping away. now the frogs, fridge, fans etc. make just as much noise of a different nature and can be a problem getting to sleep. Phones: visitors please note we now have CDMA coverage from a tower at nauiyu community.

Dick Perry posted at 10:17 AM
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Tuesday, 10th. jan, 2006

Animal life
It has been a good season, many young for you to see so bring your video and camera most of our hand raised stll come in around the homestead.we now have a young male Agile , keeping us up late with feeds in the middle of the night.our regulars will be sorry to hear Wibbles now 8 years old has dissapeared. also Sandy , the wollaroo, took off for the wilds. milly, little girl, madonna , koko and wibbles' son who has taken over the harem are all well , and all the girls have young in pouch.

Dick Perry posted at 7:46 PM
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Nature Call
many diffrent types of finches are nesting at present, drongoes, northern minors, lapwing plovers roam and inhabit the park. plenty of black cockatoos visit our maghony trees and are a must for birdwatchers. The park is very green now so if you would like some rideon practice just ring!

Dick Perry posted at 7:43 PM
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Tip from 'The Top End'
" run faster than the mozzies. " If you are travelling always ring ahead to your destination to get up to date info., don't rely on toilet talk down the track !

Dick Perry posted at 7:42 PM
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The Wet
visitors are reminded the bugs could be out in large numbers. 32c today, night down to 24c. Mozzie nets and gazebos would be a must to include in your list of must brings. heared a couple of crocodiles down the river yesterday and the odd big barra splash. river is up and down, pontoons high and dry at present as the river is back down to about 3 mtrs.

Dick Perry posted at 7:37 PM
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The Daly River
the brown river is coming up again from reports upstream. with the rain has come the cane toads. we are catching up to two a night but reports of hundreds in the district on the eastern side of the river means they are here to stay unless the experts find a biological answer. WE HAVE LOST MOST OF OUR BIG MONITORS AS A RESULT OF THE POISONOUS INVADERS.
For Daly updates just send us an email!

Dick Perry posted at 7:35 PM
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Get away!
Want to get away from the maddening crowd? We are selling our other block lot.32, 500 acres. Interested? it has a three b/room house, a small mango orchard, and over one km. riverfront. a rare opportunity... suit 'sea change', mangos, livestock, cash crops, retirement and or tourism etc. $475,000 O.N.O.
Check out
or email perrysonthedaly@bigpond.com.au
Private Sale

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Dick Perry posted at 7:18 PM
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Caretakers from late April. Must have own means and caravan. Gardening/ general maintenance/ mechanical handyperson/easy to get along with/fishing. Must be able to handle everything from goannas to the expected cane toad invasion and ME! (Of course Carol is easy to get along with) Great lifestyle and location. Interested? Send details!

Dick Perry posted at 7:17 PM
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News for the fisherman
Fishing is in full swing with the Barra Nationals complete and the Barra Classic starting today. they have 5 days fishing before the river becomes peaceful again. we have been fishing the billabong to get away from the crowd
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Dick Perry posted at 7:15 PM
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have checked out the billabong , it's back up to its lip. only spent a few minutes out there for a nice forked tail catfish, which we call cobbler,in W.A. tasted great. river is flowing too fast to fish at present. the way the wet is progressing it will be a good season for barramundi on the daly this year.

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