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saturday, April 22, 2006

daly river floods
river reaches 13+ meters above the famous daly river crossing.at present it is down to 9+ meters but we are watching the progress of cyclone Monica which may result in more flooding.some barra fishing comps. have been cancelled or delayed as a result river heights.little damage to property occured in the daly but tourirt opperators lost their easter business and it's not over yet..

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saturday, April 22, 2004

Animal life
It has been a good season, many young for you to see so bring your video and camera most of our hand raised stll come in around the homestead. feral pigs have been rooting up some the park but i got three yesterday.now that water is receeding from the paddocks the dingos are on the hunt.the bird life is noisy and many crimson finches have returned to nest. jabarus have been feeding out in our back paddock.

Dick Perry posted at 7:46 AM
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Nature Call
large cheribin (fresh water prawns) being caught in the river. owing to the flooded back paddocks we have bandicoots running around the homestead at night. alas we have lost our northern qualls as a result of the cane toads arrival in the top end. our large monitors have vanished. The black and white sea eagles are nesting at present, watching these ancient birds at this time is a must for birdwatchers. The park is very green now but will dry when the tourist season gets into full swing soon..insects are very freindly and one must cover up.

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Tip from 'The Top'
If you are travelling always ring ahead to your destination to get up to date info., don't rely on toilet talk down the track ! stay a bit longer at your favourate spots and save on fuel costs...

Dick Perry posted at 7:42 AM
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The Wet
After such a 'wet' wet visitors are reminded the bugs are out in large numbers. BEAUTIFUL CLEAR DAYS HAVE ARRIVED. 30c today 22th., night down to 24c in the next few weeks temps should drop to day 28c, night 18c+. Mozzie nets and gazebos would be worth including in your list of must brings.some ichy grubs have appeared but will be gone by the dry. most road damage has been repaired as a result of flooding in areas in the top end.to get the latest reports go to www.bom.gov.au

Dick Perry posted at 7:37 AM
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The Daly River
katherine seems to have recovered from recent flooding but many properties in lower areas suffered their second major loss in 8 years. however the daly , which gets all of katherines water , also has four other river systems water passing our doorstep on its way to the sea. we suffered lite flooding at the Nauiyu community and other properties are still wet and only just starting to dry out as the water on flood plains drains back into the river. the river is still recovering from damage the 98 flood and as a result of this years flood sand banks, your favourate logs and fishing holes may have moved or dissapeared so take care when travelling on the river. visitors please dont' throw your cans bottles etc. in the river. it is one of the most pristine waterways in the top end and we would like it to stay that way! what a pity we can't pipe this water south during the wet season to help the southern states water shortage. perhaps one day a pipe line following the rail link south will eventuate. problem is i think it will take as long to get that off the ground as completing the the rail link!
For Daly updates just send us an email!

Dick Perry posted at 7:35 M
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Get away!
Want to get away from the maddening crowd? We are selling our other block, lot.32, 500 acres. Interested? it has a three b/room house, a small mango orchard, and over one km. riverfront. a rare opportunity... for on site inspection ring us on 08 89782452.
Check out
or email perrysonthedaly@bigpond.com.au
Private Sale

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Caretakers from late April. Must have own means and caravan. Gardening/ general maintenance/ mechanical handyperson/easy to get along with/fishing. Must be able to handle everything from goannas to the expected cane toad invasion and ME! (Of course Carol is easy to get along with) Great lifestyle and location. Interested? Send details! or call. the fishing is great..

Dick Perry posted at 7:17 AM
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News for the fisherman
Fishing will get into full swing as soon as the river drops a few meters.i have noticed fish close in under the flooded trees feeding along the riverbank, a good sign for the coming season. the river should 'fire up'soon.
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